Redwater Dedication

REDWATER, Texas – What was supposed to be a four-month construction project starting in February of 2020 wound up taking 14 months owing to COVID-19 and adverse weather.
But that 10-month extension did nothing to hold back the sweet smiles and joyful tears shed Sunday morning by first-time home owner Peggy Goodwin and her two children, Lexi and Gabe, as they eagerly accepted the keys to their new, 1,100-square-foot Habitat For Humanity home.
“This house comes to me at such a critical and perfect time in my life – and the Redwater School District is terrific,” Goodwin said as she held her son and daughter next to her, during the HFH home Blessing and Dedication Ceremony at 113 Church Street in Redwater.
Sunday morning’s bright, clear, early spring skies only added to the joy expressed by HFH workers and other officials gathered to congratulate Goodwin. This ceremony also included many members of the Catholic Daughters of America, who came to Texarkana earlier in the week to attend their a four-day Texas State Convention.
“We have people here from Houston, Dallas, El Paso and Wichita Falls,”said HFH Board Chairwoman Carol Giese.
Melodie Brunt, a Texas State Regent for Catholic Daughters of America, said it was great to see how far Goodwin’s house has come since the February 2020 ground breaking the Catholic Daughters participated in.
“We took shovels and dug out some dirt that day and today we get to say congratulations to Peggy,” Brunt, who along with the other Catholic Daughters of America sponsored the home, said.
Redwater Mayor Robert Lorance said his city was able to connect with HFH to donate the land for Goodwin’s home.
“This is a small community, but its a great community with a great school district and we want to welcome this family,” Lorance said.
Cross Construction Company owner Stephen Cross, the home’s builder, said the 14-month project was well worth it, getting Goodwin and her kids to this point in their lives.
“Peggy, I hope both you and your kids get the happiness and joy that you deserve because you’ve waited a long time for this,” he said.