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Looking to own a home?

Habitat provides you with the coaching, education, and support to be successful in your home-buying journey. We can help you buy a home you love with a mortgage you can afford. Click the button below.

Need For Housing

Applicants must meet specific requirements to be considered:

  • Need for affordable housing. Current housing conditions are substandard, overcrowded, unsafe, or too expensive in relation to monthly household income.  Applicants cannot currently own property.
  • Ability to repay a monthly mortgage.  Must demonstrate a history of reliable income.
  • Willingness to partner. Homeowners must complete 200-300 “sweat equity” hours of volunteer service, work in the construction of their home, as well as other family’s homes, and participate in required workshops and educational classes.

Ability to Pay for a Habitat Home

  • Debt to income ratio – The household debt payment should not prohibit them from meeting normal cost of living expenses.
  • Applicant has demonstrated an ability to make regular monthly payments for rent, utilities, and other credit obligations.
  • Total household income is within the guidelines.

Do You Meet The Following Criteria?

Need For Shelter

Ability To Pay

Willingness To Partner